Automation and Remote Control, Volume 84, Issue 8 (2023)
Āvtomatika i Telemekhanika  
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Automation and Remote Control, Volume 84, Issue 8 (2023)

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Linear Systems

PI Controller Design for Suppressing Exogenous Disturbances901-917
M. V. Khlebnikov
Design of Suboptimal Robust Controllers Based on A Priori and Experimental Data918-932
M. M. Kogan and A. V. Stepanov

Nonlinear Systems

Continuous Processes with Fuzzy States and Their Applications933-946
V. L. Khatskevich
Generalization of the Carathéodory Theorem and the Maximum Principle in Averaged Problems of Non-Linear Programming947-955
A. M. Tsirlin
Stochastic Systems
Parametric Algorithm for Finding a Guaranteed Solution to a Quantile Optimization Problem956-966
S. V. Ivanov, A. I. Kibzun, and V. N. Akmaeva
Resolvents of the Ito Differential Equations Multiplicative with Respect to the State Vector967-980
M. E. Shaikin
Control in Technical Systems
Synthesis of Test Control for Identification of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Aircraft981-992
N. V. Grigor’ev
Angular Motion Control of a Large Space Structure with Elastic Elements993-1004
V. Yu. Rutkovskii, V. M. Glumov, and A. S. Ermilov
Optimization, System Analysis, and Operations Research
Control of Set of System Parameter Values by the Ant Colony Method1005-1016
I. N. Sinitsyn and Yu. P. Titov
Published: 21 September 2023

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