Automation and Remote Control, Volume 84, Issue 3 (2023)
Āvtomatika i Telemekhanika  
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Automation and Remote Control, Volume 84, Issue 3 (2023)

Nonlinear Systems

First- and Second-Order Necessary Optimality Conditions for a Control Problem Described by Nonlinear Fractional Difference Equations211-220
S. T. Aliyeva
Neural Network Algorithm for Intercepting Targets Moving Along Known Trajectories by a Dubins’ Car221-236
A. A. Galyaev, A. I. Medvedev, and I. A. Nasonov
Spacecraft Transfer Optimization with Releasing the Additional Fuel Tank and the Booster to the Earth Atmosphere237-253
I. S. Grigoriev and A. I. Proskuryakov
Control Design for a Perturbed System with an Ambiguous Nonlinearity254-269
V. V. Yevstafyeva
Matrix Inequalities in the Stability Theory: New Results Based on the Convolution Theorem270-284
V. A. Kamenetskiy

Robust, Adaptive, and Network Control

Exponentially Stable Adaptive Control. Part II. Switched Systems285-316
A. I. Glushchenko and K. A. Lastochkin

Control in Technical Systems

Inverse Kinematics of a 5-Dof Hybrid Manipulator317-330
A. V. Antonov and A. S. Fomin
Thrust Control for Aircraft Landing on a Carrier331-340
S. L. Semakov and M. V. Semakova

Optimization, System Analysis, and Operations Research

Greedy and Adaptive Algorithms for Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing with Object Alternation341-364
S. N. Medvedev

Published: 28 March 2023

ICS RAS 2016