Automation and Remote Control, Volume 84, Issue 6 (2023)
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Automation and Remote Control, Volume 84, Issue 6 (2023)


A Survey of the Latest Advances in Oligopoly Games637-653
M. I. Geraskin

Nonlinear Systems

Suboptimal Robust Stabilization of an Unknown Autoregressive Object with Uncertainty and Offset External Perturbation654-670
V. F. Sokolov
Stochastic Systems
Observation-Based Filtering of State of a Nonlinear Dynamical System with Random Delays671-684
A. V. Bosov
On Preset Homing and Synchronizing Sequences for Observable Input/Output Automata685-691
I. B. Burdonov, N. V. Evtushenko, A. S. Kossachev, and N. G. Kushik
Iterative Learning Control of Stochastic Multi-Agent Systems with Variable Reference Trajectory and Topology692-708
A. S. Koposov and P. V. Pakshin
Sequential Improvement Method in Probabilistic Criteria Optimization Problems for Linear-in-State Jump Diffusion Systems709-725
M. M. Khrustalev and K. A. Tsarkov

Control in Technical Systems

Optimizing the Placement and Number of Measurement Points in Heating Process Control726-742
V. M. Abdullayev
Calibration of a 3D Sensor under Its Orientation Constraint743-762
A. I. Matasov and H. Yi
Published: 14 July 2023

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