Automation and Remote Control, Volume 84, Issue 2 (2023)
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Automation and Remote Control, Volume 84, Issue 2 (2023)

Linear Systems

About the Method for Constructing External Estimates of the Limit Controllability Set for the Linear Discrete-Time System
with Bounded Control
A. V. Berendakova and D. N. Ibragimov
On the Lagrange Duality of Stochastic and Deterministic Minimax Control and Filtering Problems121-134
M. M. Kogan

Nonlinear Systems

Boundary Control of Some Distributed Heterogeneous Vibrating System with Given States at Intermediate Time Instants135-147
V. R. Barseghyan
Design of Nonlinear Selectively Invariant Control Systems Based on Quasilinear Models148-163
A. R. Gaiduk

Control in Technical Systems

Control of the Search for Observation Objects from a Spatio-Temporal Poisson Flow in a Multi-Channel Search System164-174
V. V. Khutortsev

Control in Social Economic Systems

The Interaction of Economic Agents in Cournot Duopoly Models under Ecological Conditions: A Comparison of Organizational Modes175-189
G. A. Ougolnitsky and A. B. Usov

Optimization, System Analysis, and Operations Research

A Makespan-Optimal Schedule for Processing Jobs with Possible Operation Preemptions as an Optimal Mixed Graph Coloring190-210
Y. N. Sotskov

Published: 25 February 2023

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