Technical Requirements
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Technical Requirements

A file in pdf format, with Latin name without spaces is required for the initial submission of the article, and the use of the journal LaTeX template is mandatory. The current version of the LATeX template can be downloaded in "Information for authors" (scroll down to the bottom).

Requirements for articles accepted for publication

After article acceptance, the author together with the final version of pdf-file sends the original article files in the format LaTeX, as well as pictures after correcting all comments and proofreading.
When preparing an article in LaTeX we ask you to use standard environments and not to enter your abbreviations and commands.

Article submission via Mathnet system

To upload the manuscript into the editorial system, you need to follow a few simple steps:
  • Register in the system with your data in Russian and English. It is recommended to do this in advance, as the processing of registration information may take one or two working days.
    If you have already registered, please update your data, in particular the information in English.
    Important: All co-authors must be registered in the system!

  • Log in. Either in your menu or on the journal page choose an option "Submit a manuscript".

  • Verify that the article matches the journal scope and article requirements , and press a "Submit a manuscript" button.

  • Go through six simple steps to fill out the forms. All data should match the data in the article text file.
    1. Enter the title of the article in Russian and English.

    2. Add co-authors. The submitting author is added automatically.

      It is important to enter the full authors' names both in English and Russian. A co-author is added after pressing the button "Save". Important: all the information entered will be publicly available on the website, so please do not enter personal data such as mobile phone number, etc. which should not be published.

      Check necessarily that the correspondence author is indicated.

    3. Enter abstract and keywords in Russian and English. It is not necessary to fill in the fields with MSC and PACS article classifiers, but it is recommended for a more convenient search of your article on the site.

    4. Add the file. After selecting, press the "Submit" button, only then the file will be attached.

    5. Enter a comment for the editors. Be sure to specify a suggested topic.

    6. Check all data. To return and correct it, you can click on the picture of the previous step. Send the manuscript by pressing the button "Submit a manuscript".

  • First of all, the correspondence author will receive an automatic confirmation of the submitting of the manuscript in the mail (specified in the profile on the Mathnet site). Note that this confirmation is not a confirmation of acceptance of the article!
  • When the article is sent to reviewers, a second letter must come from the editorial office. After that, you can track the promotion of the article at the link "Information for authors" in the personal menu.

Revision of the article

If the article needs to be revised taking into account the comments of reviewers, the corrected file shouldn't be uploaded to the Mathnet site as a new article! The procedure for reviewing and downloading the corrected version of the article is as follows:

  1. Log in. In the personal menu, select the link "Work with authors' manuscripts".
  2. It should have a note with the title of the submitted article, go to this link.
  3. Reviews will be available in the opened window (if they were not sent from the editorial office by e-mail).
  4. There will also be an opportunity to download the file(s) of the corrected article.

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