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For Reviewers

In Automatika i Telemikhanika we use one-side anonymous peer-review process (author(s) are known to reviewers but not vice-versa, the reviews are unpaid). The only way reviewer name may become revealed to author if the reviewer has asked for it explicitly.

A reviewer should follow publication ethics policy of the journal.

A review request letter contains:
  • Article in pdf format, supported with supplimentary (if needed) files;
  • Name and contact information of associated editor for the article;
  • Review deadline date.

Reviewer has the right to decline reviewing of an article (in particular if the article's topic not in the scope of his/her interest, or other reasons), meanwhile the reviewer is welcomed to suggest other candidates instead of his/herself.

In case of delayed review editoral board of the journal reserves the right not to consider the submitted review.

In review should be evaluated following traits of reviewed article:

  1. Relevance of the paper's topic in scope of journal topics;
  2. Compliance of the paper's content with the current state of the studied issue;
  3. Completeness and quality of literature review;
  4. Objective of the study and the clarity of its presentation;
  5. Adequacy of the choice of research methods this problem;
  6. Contribution and novelty of the research;
  7. Validity of corollarries;
  8. Other positive and weak sides of the article as well as its flaws and drawbacks.

Finally, reviewer is supposed to justify his/her decision as of: "publish", "send back to author for revision", or "decline". The review is submitted in pdf format, its length is not limited.

In case of author's revision the reviewer may be asked to review revisited paper.

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