Automation and Remote Control, Volume 84, Issue 9 (2023)
Āvtomatika i Telemekhanika  
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Automation and Remote Control, Volume 84, Issue 9 (2023)

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A Historical Essay on the Scientific School of V.A. Yakubovich1017-1040
A. S. Matveev, A. L. Fradkov, and A. I. Shepeljavyi

Linear Systems

Construction of the Time-Optimal Bounded Control for Linear Discrete-Time Systems Based on the Method of Superellipsoidal Approximation1041-1064
D. N. Ibragimov and V. M. Podgornaya
Static Feedback Design in Linear Discrete-Time Control Systems Based on Training Examples1065-1074
V. A. Mozzhechkov

Nonlinear Systems

Fault Identification: An Approach Based on Optimal Control Methods1075-1084
A. A. Kabanov, A. V. Zuev, A. N. Zhirabok, and V. F. Filaretov
Global Stability of a Second-Order Affine Switching System1085-1093
A. V. Pesterev
Robust, Adaptive, and Network Control
Velocity of Flow on Regular Non-Homogeneous Open One-Dimensional Net with Non-Symmetrical Arrangement of Nodes1094-1103
A. S. Bugaev, M. V. Yashina, and A. G. Tatashev
Control in Technical Systems
An Indirect Single-Position Coordinate Determination Method Considering Motion Invariants under Singular Measurement Errors
Yu. G. Bulychev
Optimization, System Analysis, and Operations Research
On the Algorithm of Cargoes Transportation Scheduling in the Transport Network1115-1127
A. N. Ignatov
Minimizing the Total Weighted Duration of Courses in a Single Machine Problem with Precedence Constraints1128-1139
E. G. Musatova and A. A Lazarev
Published: 19 October 2023

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