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Lev Rapoport

Associate Editor

Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, Head of Laboratory, Institute for Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia.

Professional Membership:

  • Associate Editor of Journals "Automation and Remote Control", "Control Sciences", "GPS Solutions".
Publications: 1 monograph, 9 USA Patents, over 90 scientific publications.

Areas of Interest:
  • Motion Control;
  • Stabilization;
  • Stability;
  • Navigation.
Personal web-page: http://www.ipu.ru/node/616

Selected Publications:
  • L.B. Rapoport, Lyapunov stability and sign definiteness of a quadratic form in a cone, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 50(4): 405-541, 1986.
  • L.B. Rapoport, Sign definiteness of a quadratic form with quadratic constraints and absolute stability of non-linear control systems, Sov. Phys. Dokl., 33(2): 96-98, 1988.
  • L.B. Rapoport, Frequency criterion of absolute stability for control systems with several nonlinear stationary elements, Automation and remote control, 50(6): 743-750, 1989.
  • E.S. Pyatniskiy, L.B. Rapoport, Criteria of Asymptotic Stability of Differential Inclusions and Periodic Motions of Time-Varying Nonlinear Control Systems. IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst.-I. 43(4):219-229, 1996.
  • Alfred Leick, Lev Rapoport, Dmitry Tatarnikov, GPS Satellite Surveying, 4th Edition ISBN: 978-1-118-67557-1, Wiley, 840 p., April 2015.

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