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Boris Miller

Associate Editor

Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Chief Researcher, Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Moscow, Russia.

Professional Membership:

  • Associate Editor of Journals "Automation and Remote Control", "Information Processes" (The IITP RAS Journal).
Publications: 8 books and collections of articles, 58 papers in refereed journals, 84 papers in conference proceedings, 8 patents.

Awards and Honors:
  • Laureate of Lenin Komsomol premium, 1980.
Areas of Interest:
  • Control Theory;
  • Deterministic and Stochastic Discrete-Continuous Systems;
  • Control of Autonomous Vehicles.
Personal web-pages:,,

Selected Publications:
  • B.M. Miller and E.Ya. Rubinovich, Impulsive control in continuous and discrete-continuous systems, 449 p. Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, 2003.
  • B.M. Miller and W.J. Runggaldier, Stochastic control for the optimization of observations. SIAM J. Control and Optimization, vol. 35, No. 3, 1997, pp. 1030-1052.
  • B.M. Miller and W.J. Runggaldier, Kalman filtering for linear systems with coefficients driven by a hidden Markov jump processes. Systems and Control Letters, Vol.31, 1997, pp. 93-102.
  • B.M. Miller, The generalized solutions of nonlinear optimization problems with impulsive control, SIAM J. Control and Optimization, Vol. 34, No. 4, 1996, pp. 1420-1440.

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