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Semyon Meerkov

Associate Editor

Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan, USA.

Professional Membership:

  • Editor-in-Chief of Journal "Mathematical Problems in Engineering" (1995-2007);
  • Associate Editor of Journals "Automation and Remote Control", "Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications" (1983-2000), "Nonlinear Analysis" (1999-2003), "International Journal of Hybrid Systems" (2003-2007);
  • Department Editor of "Manufacturing Systems", IIE Transaction (2002-2008).
Publications: 2 monographs, over 200 papers in refereed journals, over 300 papers in conference proceedings.

Awards and Honors:
  • Excellent Textbook Award, Chinese University-level Textbook Competition, 2013 (for the Chinese translation of the textbook Production Systems Engineering by J. Li and S.M. Meerkov, Springer, 2009).
  • Best paper prize, IFAC Conference on Manufacturing Modeling, Management and Control, S. Petersburg, Russia, June 2013.
  • Eminent Engineer of Tau Beta Pi, elected by the University of Michigan Chapter, December 2012.
  • Best symposium paper award, Fifth International Symposium on Resilient Control Systems, Salt Lake city, Utah, August 2012.
  • Best track paper award, Fourth International Symposium on Resilient Control Systems, Idaho Falls, Idaho, August 2011.
  • Key-note speaker, The 2011 International Forum and Conference on Vehicle Technologies and Integration (VTI 2011), Changchun, China, July 2011.
  • Key-note speaker, Young European Queueing Theorists Workshop (YEQT-IV), Eindhoven, Netherlands, November 2010.
  • Life Fellow of IEEE, 2010.
Areas of Interest:
  • Quasilinear Control;
  • Systems Science and Control of Production Systems;
  • Resilient Monitoring and Control.
Personal web-page:

Selected Publications:
  • S. Ching, Y. Eun, C. Gokcek, P. T. Kabamba, and S. M. Meerkov, Quasilinear Control, Cambridge University Press, 2011 (282 pages).
  • P.T. Kabamba, S.M. Meerkov and H.R. Ossareh, Stochastic linearization approach to performance analysis of feedback systems with asymmetric nonlinear actuators and sensors // International Journal of Control. 2015. Vol. 88, pp. 65-79.
  • Y. Guo, P.T. Kabamba, S.M. Meerkov, H.R. Ossareh and C.Y. Tang, Quasilinear Control of Wind Farm Power Output // IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology. 2015. Vol. 23, pp. 1555-1562.
  • J. Li and S.M. Meerkov, Production Systems Engineering, Springer, 2009 (666 pages), Chinese translation, 2012.
  • J. Li, S.M. Meerkov and L. Zhang, Production systems engineering: Main results and recommendations for management // International Journal of Production Research. 2013. Vol. 51, pp. 7209-7234.
  • S.M. Meerkov and C.-B. Yan, Cellular production lines with asymptotically reliable Bernoulli machines // IEEE Transactions on Automations Science and Engineering. 2015. Vol. 12, pp.764-768.
  • H.E. Garcia, W.-C. Lin, S.M. Meerkov, and M.T. Ravichandran, Resilient monitoring systems: Architecture, design, and application to boiler/turbine plant // IEEE Trans. on Cybernetics. 2014. Vol. 44, No. 11, pp. 2010-2023.
  • H.E. Garcia, S.M. Meerkov, and M.T. Ravichandran, Resilient plant monitoring systems: Techniques, analysis, design, and performance evaluation // Journal of Process Control. 2015. Vol. 32, pp. 51-63.

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