Alexander Krasnosel’skii
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Alexander Krasnosel’skii

Associate Editor

Doctor of physics and mathematics, principal research fellow in A.A. Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences (IITP RAS); professor of the department of mathematics in National Research University “Higher School of Economics”.

Professional Membership:

  • Member of the Editorial Boards of the journals Automation and Remote Control, International Journal of Stochastic Analysis, and International Journal of Differential Equations;
  • Member of the IITP Thesis Examination board;
Publications: 2 books and more than 150 papers.

Areas of Interest: General nonlinear analysis; operator equations; boundary value problems; bifurcations; system analysis (control theory, desynchronized systems, systems with hysteresis)

Personal pages:,

Selected Publications:
  • Bobylev N.A., Boltyanskii V.G., Vsehsvyatskii S.Yu., Kalashnikov V.V., Kozyakin V.S., Kolmanovskii V.B., Krasnosel'skii A., Pokrovskii A.V. Mathematical systems theory, Moscow, Nauka, 1986, (in Russian)
  • Krasnosel'skii A. Asymptotics of nonlinearities and operator equations, series "Operator Theory", 76, Basel - Boston, Birkh"auser, 1995
  • Krasnosel’skii A.M. Resonant forced oscillations in systems with periodic nonlinearities, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, Series A, 2013, 33, ¹1, 239-254
  • Krasnosel’skii A.M. Unbounded sequences of cycles in general autonomous equations with periodic nonlinearities, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, Series S, 2013, 6, ¹4, 999-1016
  • Krasnosel’skii A.M. Index at infinity and bifurcations of twice degenerate vector fields, Topological Methods in Nonlinear Analysis, 35, ¹1, 2010, 99-126
  • Bouse E., Krasnosel'skii A., Pokrovskii A.V., Rachinskii D.I. Non-local Branches of Cycles, Bi-stability, and Mixed Mode Oscillations, Chaos, 18, ¹1, 015109 (2008)
  • Krasnosel'skii A., Pokrovskii A.V., Rachinskii D.I. Subharmonic bifurcation at infinity, Journal of Differential Equations, 226, ¹1, 2006, 30-53

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