Alexander Gasnikov
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Alexander Gasnikov

Associate Editor

PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Associated professor of Mathematical Foundation of Control MIPT, Moscow, Russia.

Professional Membership:

  • Associate Editor of Journal "Automation and Remote Control";
  • Organizer of seminars: Mathematical Seminars (from 2011 in MIPT); Problems in Stochastic analysis (from 2012 in Independent State University); Mathematical modeling of traffic flows (from 2012 in Independent State University).
Publications: 2 monographs, 35 papers in refereed journals, 50 papers in conference proceedings.

Areas of Interest:
  • Mathematical Modeling of Traffic Flows;
  • Stochastic Optimization;
  • Huge-scale Optimization;
  • Online Optimization;
  • Probabilistic Methods in Computer Science;
  • Macrosystems Theory (ergodicity, concentration of measure);
  • Numerical Methods in Statistics.
Personal web-page:

Selected Publications:
  • A.V. Gasnikov “Time-asymptotic behaviour of a solution of the Cauchy initial-value problem for a conservation law with non-linear divergent viscosity”, Izv. RAN. Ser. Mat., 73:6 (2009), 39–76.
  • A.V. Gasnikov, E.V. Gasnikova “On Entropy-Type Functionals Arising in Stochastic Chemical Kinetics Related to the Concentration of the Invariant Measure and Playing the Role of Lyapunov Functions in the Dynamics of Quasiaverages”, Mat. Zametki, 94:6 (2013), 819–827.
  • Introduction to mathematical modeling of traffic flow [Book in Russian]. With Appendices M. Blank, A. Raigorodskii, V. Malyshev and A. Zamyatin, Yu. Nesterov and S. Shpirko, A. Kolesnikov, et al. Eds. A.V. Gasnikov. Moscow Center of Continuity Mathematical Education, 2013.

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